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4 reasons to ignore unwanted comments about your body

I want to make it clear that I’m not here to judge people who judge people. Let's be honest, we’ve all made comments about someone else’s body. Sometimes it comes out like a compliment or advice or sometimes we just say our thoughts out loud without thinking of the consequences to the other person’s self esteem. 1) When people judge, they’re just reflecting their own insecurities.

Their insecurities are theirs, not yours.

2) You can’t please everyone and frankly you shouldn't!

I mean, I remember when I lost a lot of weight. In some people’s eyes I looked like a goddess but other people called me sick. Both are sides of the same coin, so the only day I felt freedom was when I decided that their opinions don’t matter. What mattered was breaking the cycle of binge eating, and I made it!!! Everything is possible.

3) Your worth is not determined by your size.

You are the same beautiful, clever, lovable person in every size. The number on the scale and the number on the labels of your clothes are literally just numbers!

4) People talk anyway, Let them talk!!

You’re not going to live your life based on their likes. This is your body, this is your life and every minute that flies by is one we can’t take back! Why on earth would you waste these precious minutes being sad because of those comments when you could laugh, meet friends, dance, create or anything that speaks to your soul?!

And don't forget that your energy is precious! Don't waste it on things that are not in your hands. We can't control what other people think or say. So Just do you! For example, you want to eat the cookie and go to paint, because you love painting. Eat the damn cookie and let Picasso come out from you because if you waste time thinking about the forbidden cookie you are gonna be miserable and your creativity will go out of the window! Eat the cookie! haha

And listening to me saying all this stuff doesn't mean that I am perfect but I found all the tools to cope with my struggles during the journey that I had to overcome my eating disorder. Love and gratitude,


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